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Groups at Runnymede

Elders and Session

Runnymede Presbyterian Church is a member of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. The word Presbyterian comes from presbuteros, the transliteration of the Greek word elder which describes the way in which our church is run.

The oversight and leadership of a congregation is exercised by a group of elders who, together, make up the “Session.” The session is made up of Teaching elders and Ruling elders. The Teaching elder, more commonly referred to as the minister, is an elder who is charged with the responsibilities for preaching and teaching in the congregation. Ruling elders are elected and ordained members of the congregation who are chosen for their spiritual gifts and leadership abilities.

The Teaching elder and Ruling elders work in partnership to lead, guide and support the congregation. Most decisions about the life and work of the congregation are made by the session of a congregation.

Board of Managers

The Board of Managers could also be called the board of stewards. Steward carries with it the understanding of caring for someone else’s property or wealth. Members of the Board of Managers act on behalf of another - in our case, the congregation they serve, and ultimately, God.

The Board is responsible for the temporal and financial affairs of the congregation. In other words they are responsible for caring for church property and overseeing the congregation’s finances. The Board works closely with and is accountable to the Session of the congregation.

Women’s Missionary Society (WMS)

The Women’s Missionary Society is a community of Christians whose purpose, in response to the love of God in Jesus Christ, is to encourage one another and all the people of the church to be involved in local and world mission through prayer, study, service and fellowship.

At Runnymede, the local Women’s Missionary Society group is called the Mary Weatherall Group, named after a former minister’s wife. Usually, we meet on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 1:30 p.m. Please consult the calendar on the website for current times.

Our meetings are led by the president of the group and follow a pattern of devotion, study and prayer time. Refreshments are served at the end of our meetings and a social time is enjoyed. Each of our members participate as they are able. A free will offering is taken to support the work of the national Women’s Missionary Society each meeting.

The current fund raising projects of the Women’s Missionary Society, in addition to their normal activities are:

  • Kenora Fellowship Centre
  • Gender Based Violence in Haiti

Visitors are welcome to our meetings, both men and women.


See the bulletin board in the parlour and see what singing in a group will do for you.

Colleges and Careers

Read about our Colleges and Careers activities.